OOTM: Transition Weather Outfits For Women on The East Coast

OOTM: Transition Weather Outfits For Women on The East Coast

We have definitely been hit with some major weather this winter on the east coast so this pretty canary has decided to dedicate an entire blog feed on using pieces that you already have to make a smooth transition into spring! This Winter I have been focused on revamping pieces that I wore during the Fall by adding simple but beautiful accessories. Since it has been unbelievably cold in NYC I decided this year to make a huge investment into HUE Tights not only are they really thick but they come in fun colors and patterns. I was able to wear lighter dresses that I loved in the summer all through the fall and early winter. If you are not big on wearing skirts or shorts in the fall my number one suggestion is to buy textured pants not only are they amazing pieces to have in your collection but they really can dress up any simple outfit.
Since the weather has been extremely bipolar honestly it has been, You can get away with wearing Uggs one day and a short sleeve tee with a skater skirt the next day all in the same week! Hopeful the Snow stops soon and I can break out a whole new collection of fabulous finds for you ladies!

Hope you all are keeping warm,
The Pretty Canary

Lunched: Chili’s With The Sisters

Last Months Lunch was at Olive Garden which was amazing! It was very elaborate because we were celebrating the beginning of a fabulous new year of sisterhood! Since all of my sisters are extremely busy with real life obligations and jobs we have decided to do a monthly lunch date to catch up on all things Pretty Pi as well as everyones fabulous lives! Now for the Month of February our lunch was a lot less formal then what we did last month but it wasn’t lacking any of that amazing spark that we all bring when we are all together. So the sisters and I decided we would meet up at Chili’s because seriously who doesn’t like Chili’s! Hopefully you enjoy all of the pictures of all of our amazing food it really takes strong will to not take a big bite of the food when it comes out but we were good… lol.

I was think that I am going to continue this at a series on this blog page so every month I will be taking you along on my food adventures with me and my sisters hopefully If you love food as much as I do you will enjoy this series I hope every one that is reading this or will be reading this is having an amazing day and decides to go on a food adventure of your own seriously you will never look at food in the same way again!

Much Pretty Pi Love,
The Pretty Canary

NYX Has Officially Landed in CVS Pharmacy

Now for all of us who are obsessed with this beauty guru cult brand excellent news you don’t have to order this beauty brand online anymore because CVS Pharmacy is officially carrying NYX Cosmetics and I couldn’t be more thrilled no more shipping and handling… No more waiting by the mail box for my favorite items now all I have to do is take a short drive to my local pharmacy is bask in all of my NYX Beauty glory! I was also extremely delighted about the new display at my local store because it always seems like when I want to order certain products on the NYX website they are sold out ! I have been trying to find milk for months and long and behold it was sitting right in front of me so I bought 2 of them as well as a few of my favorite products I have been in love with for many years!
Now Listed Below are the Products That I picked up today but I will definitely be visiting CVS more often now for my favorite NYX Products!
The Essentials
1. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
2. NYX Eyeshadow Base
3. NYX Cream Lipsticks in Snow White and Tea Rose
4. NYX Butter Gloss BLG 04 Merengue


If you want any of these fabulous product you can visit you local Target, CVS or NYX Website

Thank You JFK Days For My Versatile Blogger Award

Thank You So Much For The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination it is truly wonderful to be acknowledged for all of my hard work and dedication I try to put into everyone of my blog post. I know that I have a very diverse readership on my blog page so I definitely try to write about topics and subjects I believe will appeal to a wider audience! I know that all of my readers are not the same! This Pretty Canary is always striving everyday to be the best at what I do! So again Thank You JFK Days for my nomination you are awesome!

7 Facts About Me
1. Hate The Smell of Fresh Tomatoes they make me Gag but I love Tomato based products.
2. I am a Professional Goodwill Shopper
3. I always get nervous when I fly even though I have been on planes before
4. I have never left the US but I have a Passport
5. I’m obsessed with BBC America and all things British It really is an Unhealthy obsession… Blame my Mom!… For a long while I was convinced that my mother was going to move our family over to Great Britain… Like seriously.
6. I’m an Artist I sometimes draw and sketch… I’m Okay but I do It anyway
7. I still watch the Show Greek On Demand on Netflix it’s still my fav ABC Family Show even though it ended years ago

My 13 Official Nominees for this Award


Super Style: Superbowl Food and Fun

Congrats to Seattle Seahawks for Winning The Super Bowl I was literally parked in front of the TV yesterday with my Sangria in one hand and my plate in the other… And even though I was extremely disappointed with the Commercials this year as well as the game I was absolutely in love with the Superbowl Half Time Show Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chill Peppers put on it was the best 30 minutes of the whole game but I am not going to complain If you haven’t seen his performance I will put footage from it on the bottom of the this post as well as the David Beckham H&M Commercial which I believe was one of the best commercials during the entire game but I guess I’m just being a girl lol!

Charity Spotlight: Baked With Love: Our Second Annual Bake Sale For Cookies For Kids Cancer

Now we all know that Valentines Day is the staple holiday for the month of February! But we didn’t want to just Bake Goodies to Sale for the Sorority to raise money so we have decided since it went so well last year that we are going to do our Baked With Love again to help give back to Cookies For Kids Cancer


If you would like to give individually to this Wonderful Cause!

How To: Have Fun On Valentines Day and Give Back


Hey Sisters,

So Valentines Day is coming very soon and I know that some of us don’t have anyone special in our life at the current moment! Well I’m here to tell you that It is okay and their are plenty of fun things that you can be doing on this holiday! So I have decided to do a little research and come up with some fun dates you can do why yourself our with your friends !

1. Visit a Animal Shelter or an Old Folks Home

Believe me you are not the only one who is looking for someone to love on this holiday, I think that this is a fun carefree way to not only give back to your community but also this is an amazing way to pass on the love because honestly that is what this holiday is really about… And FYI Sisters if you don’t know Alpha Lambda Pi Sorority Philanthropy is The ASPCA

2. Plant a Tree 

Not only is it good for the environment it is also really amazing for you to do as well being outside enjoying the fresh air is amazing for your health and if you get a bunch of your sisters together you can turn it into another service project…. FYI The Arbor Foundation is also another organization that our Sorority Supports

3 Have a Tea Party… For a Cause

Who doesn’t like Tea Honestly and it also gives you the opportunity to dress up as well as give back! Find an organization that you feel passionate about and ask anyone who is attending to donate some money to a worth while cause

4. Sisters That Craft Together

who doesn’t like arts and crafts I don’t even feel like I have to explain this one this is the perfect holiday for crafting not just for yourself but for others because who doesn’t like to receive a gift on Valentines Day

5. Bake Treats for Yourself as well as Your Pet

There are so many recipes online as well as videos on how to make treats for your pets they will definitely be begging for 

now if you are still don’t know what you will be doing for Valentines Day relax you still have time and remember that you have to Think outside of the box sometimes in order to find new and exciting things to do and try